When we contacted the department at 7pm on Monday 13th November there was ahead of us 100+ people actually inside the emergency department, a few more outside, no seats for anyone and 21+ emergency ambulances out the back waiting to get in.

To see the current waiting times at Derriford Hospital and other local hospitals to Plymouth, please click HERE.

We contacted Plymouth Live for their input and currently no one has replied to us.

At the time of writing in Plymouth currently the waiting times for an emergency ambulance is between 7 and 10 hours and if you’re living in Cornwall that time is around 50 hours.

How the emergency department is supposed to handle the surge of people needing help so early on in the cold winter months, nobody knows.

Please only visit the emergency department if you need to, else be prepared for a very long wait.

In the event of a non emergency or if you need some advice, please call NHS 111.

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